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2018 International Residential Code will not be adopted

January 30, 2018
The latest edition of the international residential code has been published and is available to the general public. On December 20, 2017, the department held a public meeting at the Ottawa
Building, 611 W. Ottawa St., Lansing, MI in UL conference room 3 and offered the public an opportunity to present data and comments on the general need to update the Michigan residential code.
We appreciate the industry feedback provided at that meeting along with additional written input the department received on the 2018 international residential code.
Pursuant to MCL 125.1504(6) the department has determined to not update the Michigan residential code.
Keith Lambert
Director of the Bureau of Construction Codes
on behalf of Director Shelly Edgerton

   Home Study Courses for Building Officials

Michicode.com is pleased to announce we have received approval for our Building Official Home study course for the new 2015-2018 cycle.  This course contains 1 hour of communication credit and 12 hours of administrative credit.  It consists of a 123 question test based on reading material from the 2002 version of “Legal Aspects of Code Administration” published by The International Code Council.  See our  “Home Study” page for more information.


Continuing Education Record Keeping

Starting with the 2015-2018 class cycle, the state will no longer require program providers to submit rosters of class attendees.  Program providers are now required to keep records of those who attend and attendees are also required to keep their own records, including certificates from the classes they have taken.  The state will then choose to audit individuals for compliance. This is similar to the record keeping required for the Residential Builders Continuing Competency.


ICC preferred Providers

Michicode is not an ICC preferred provider.  The International Code Council requires a certain amount of continuing education for certification renewal to be given by ICC preferred providers.  For more information, see ICC Certification Renewal



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Important Design Criteria for Single Family Dwellings

Before the first shovelful of dirt is moved, there are important code required design criteria which must be met for single family dwellings.  Chapter 3 of the International Residential Code addresses these and I will review them in this article.  I will save snow, wind, live and dead loads for another time. Read More


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